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Only Mastering And Nothing Else

Full range of high quality mastering services, for CD, Vinyl and Digital Release, including Stem Mastering and Audio Restoration.

The online-based structure of Mastering Room supports a cost-effective and efficient work flow. Therefore, it is possible to offer high quality results at an affordable price.

If you wish, I will also give feedback on your music during the production / mixing stage.


CD Mastering

CD masters are assembled into a DDP (Disc Description Protocol) image, with CD text and ISRCs embedded. Delivered with a PQ sheet for the pressing plant and an DDP player for the clients.


Because of several limitations, the pre-mastering for vinyl has to be optimized for a transparent cutting process. Vinyl masters are delivered as two high resolution WAV files (each per side), with a cue sheet for the pressing plant.

Mastering for Digital Release

Digital masters are delivered as individual 16 or 24 bit, 44.1 kHz WAV files and are optimized for lossy formats, such as mp3.

Mastering Workshop

Coming Soon !

Private Masterclasses and Workshops.

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